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Personal Inflation Rate Worksheet

To get a handle on how inflation is hitting your family, it will help to document where you are spending money and what things cost you. Now and a year ago. This spreadsheet should help you.

Expense TypeCategoryAmount spent (March 2022)Amount spent (March 2021)% of total amount12-month inflation rate
HomeMortgage and property taxes$0$00%0.0%
HomeWater and trash service$0$00%0.0%
HomeTelephone service$0$00%0.0%
HomeInternet service$0$00%0.0%
HomeHome furnishings and supplies$0$00%0.0%
EssentialsPersonal care (haircuts, bath products, cosmetics, etc.)$0$00%0.0%
Auto/transportationAuto maintenance/repair$0$00%0.0%
Auto/transportationAuto insurance$0$00%0.0%
Auto/transportationRegistration/license fees$0$00%0.0%
Auto/transportationCab fare/mass transit$0$00%0.0%
TravelHotels/other lodging$0$00%0.0%
TravelCar rental$0$00%0.0%
MedicalDrugs and medical equipment$0$00%0.0%
MedicalMedical services$0$00%0.0%
MedicalHealth insurance$0$00%0.0%
Education/child careSchool tuition, activitiy fees, etc.$0$00%0.0%
Education/child careDay care/nanny$0$00%0.0%
Recreation/leisureDining out/takeout$0$00%0.0%
Recreation/leisureRecreation goods (electronics, pets, sporting goods, toys, etc.)$0$00%0.0%
Recreation/leisureRecreation activities (streaming services, pet services, movies, concerts, sporting events, etc.)$0$00%0.0%
OtherLegal and financial services$0$00%0.0%
 TOTAL:$0$0Total 12-month Personal Inflation Rate:0.0%

If you would like to talk with me about this spreadsheet or your situation, follow this LINK to find a time that works for you.