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The Dunncreek Process

Every client who begins a relationship with Dunncreek Advisors can expect unique and customized experience, but all can expect the following:

The Dunncreek Advisors Process during the first year will include:

  • I identify and prioritize your objectives
  • I gather information on where you are and where you want to be.
  • I analyze the situation and agree and a strategy that fits client needs.
  • I propose a plan of action that will put the strategy to work and move the client toward their goals.
  • I implement the action plan and review at six months to assess progress.
  • I continue to implement and monitor through month 12 and then review Year One progress.

In following years clients can expect:

  • Annual review of progress and confirmation of the client’s next priority objective.
  • Set checkpoints for the year ahead and touch base as needed.
  • Review again at year end.
  • Repeat.