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What I Do

Dunncreek Advisors LLC is an advisory firm that is always the client’s advocate – a fiduciary advisor – and a firm that is paid by clients – a fee-first advisor – clients can depend on me to provide advice that is focused on helping them reach their goals efficiently and effectively. I do not sell products, I prescribe and implement a range of solutions tailored to each client’s situation.

Investment Management

I partner with the best money managers from across the country, including Twin Cities based teams. I use these professionals to bring a personalized, bottom-up investment approach using proven strategies that strive to create predictable results for clients. My investment management partners bring decades of investment management experience to every client portfolio. My goal is to bring my clients a proven process that puts the right investments into the right allocation at the right time to meet client goals.


Part of my goal at Dunncreek Advisors is to build a firm that can easily manage growth. So, I’ve formed a partnership with Affiliated Advisors and Royal Alliance both specialize in supporting independent firms like mine. Affiliated Advisors brings me a deep bench of professionals I can access as needed for financial planning, investment management and compliance support. The Royal Alliance is a registered broker-dealer and an SEC registered investment advisor. and was founded in 1959. Regulatory disclosures can be found here.

Our Services

I am dedicated to helping clients reach all their financial goals. I offer my clients a range of financial services to address all aspects of their financial plans:

  • Life and health insurance
  • Property and casualty insurance
  • Long-term healthcare strategies
  • Individual and group benefits

Through my professional partners, I also offer clients great solutions for critical areas of financial planning:

  • Estate planning
  • Elder law matters
  • Probate
  • Advanced tax planning