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Full Service Practice

Financial Planning

We believe that achieving your financial goals starts with a plan. We work with every client to help them better understand the Six Key Areas of Financial Planning.

  • What is your present financial condition?
  • Are you protecting what’s important?
  • Are you accumulating wealth?
  • Are you paying too much tax?
  • How will you transition to retirement?
  • What legacy do you wish to leave?

With this understanding of where the client is and where she wants to go, we can provide additional services as needed.

Investment Management

We partner with a variety of money managers across the country, including Twin Cities based teams. We use these professionals to bring a personalized, bottom-up approach using proven strategies striving to create predictable results for clients. Our investment management partners bring decades of investment management experience to every client portfolio. Our goal is to bring our clients a proven process that puts the right investments into the right allocation at the right time to meet client goals.

Insurance Services

Through AdvisorNet Financial, parent company of AdvisorNet Wealth Management, we offer our clients the experience and knowledge of their team of professionals to create the best plan for you. By specializing in a specific area of financial planning, they gain in-depth understanding of not only the products, but how to implement them to pursue the best results. This allows us to spend more of our time on our most important task: helping you to identify your goals and determine your financial legacy.

The AdvisorNet team includes professionals that specialize in:

Fixed and Variable Annuities

  • Long Term Care
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Employee Benefit Planning


Part of our goal at Dunncreek Advisors is to build a firm that can easily manage growth. So, we’ve formed a partnership with AdvisorNet Wealth Management which specializes in supporting independent firms like ours. They offer a variety of dedicated resources we can access as needed for financial planning, investment management and compliance support. The firm is SEC registered and was founded in 1959. To find out more visit their website at