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Who Needs Friends?

Who Needs Friends?

December 12, 2017

I remember the time my sales training coach said, "We are not trying to make friends. I got all the friends I need. What I need is more clients." He was urging us to be more direct in asking a prospect to buy our products. Like a lot of people, this was challenging for me. I want people to like me.
So, if I sense that a conversation is a little uncomfortable for a prospect, I often back off to let things get more comfortable. But back when I was paid to sell financial products, that often meant my prospect didn’t end up buying anything and I didn't get paid.
This is just one of the reasons I choose not to sell financial products any more. It really doesn’t fit my nature.

Your Friendly Financial Advisor

I’m a guy who needs friends. All my clients are my friends. I advocate for them (I’m a fiduciary advisor) and I’m very transparent with them that I only get paid by clients – not by a financial product manufacturer or other financial company (I’m a fee-only advisor).
I believe we all need friends.
We need somebody to remember our birthday. We need somebody we can call when we’re in a jam and we know they will respond. We need somebody to be there for us through life’s ups and downs.
But more than that, we need somebody to understand our goals, plans, and dreams, and to sincerely work to help make them a reality.
We need somebody who cares enough to tell us when what we want to do does not line up with what we say is important to us.

Dependable Financial Planning

In case you didn’t notice, the same qualities that make a good friend also describe an excellent financial advisor. A good advisor is a great friend to have because they can:

  • Help you clarify and prioritize your goals and the financial resources you’ll need to get there;
  • Help you lay out a solid, reliable plan to make your goals a reality;
  • Help you execute the details and hold you accountable;
  • Monitor and maintain your plan as you move from start to finish.

A fee-only fiduciary financial planner is a great friend to have because they can help improve your life by getting you where you want to go. And they can also help you celebrate the special moments in life along the way.
If you have room in your life for one more friend, contact my office at I am always happy to help people work on their financial goals.
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