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Do Women Outlive Men?

March 03, 2017

For many couples, the idea of living longer than a spouse can be challenging to think about, but it is often the case that one partner will live longer than another, at least for some small amount of time. For women, it may be important for you to know that women outlive men often times. On average, women outlive men by about five years, which means that you may have five years of expenses, or more, once your partner passes. In order to prepare for this possibility now, it’s important to focus on your retirement plan, investments strategies, and possible extended care investments so that you have your finances in order long before you need to think about how you’ll use them. At Dunncreek Advisors, our St. Paul, MN financial advisors want to help you plan for your retirement, and we’ll help you create a retirement investment strategy that considers the trend of women living longer than men.

Choosing Retirement Investment Strategies for Women

When planning your retirement, you’ll likely have income from a variety of sources. Your retirement investments may include a retirement savings account, a personal savings account, social security, and other investments. Between all of these sources of post-retirement income, you should plan to have enough money saved to get you through your entire retirement, along with your partner’s retirement. If you’re a woman, it may be wise to factor in the possibility of living longer than your spouse when creating your retirement plan. By determining possible length of your retirement, the expenses you will have in your retirement, and how much your retirement will cost if you outlive your spouse, we can help you create a realistic picture of your financial life after retirement.

Investing in Extended Care for Women

If you’re worried about living longer than your spouse, you should consider the possibility of requiring extended care medical services. If there is no one in your home who can provide you with the extended care services you may one day need, you should consider investing in extended care of the upmost importance. With extended care investments, you can set aside funds for healthcare after your spouse is gone so that, should you need any medical assistance, you can have it. Extended care investments will allow you to pay for your own care without having to worry about whether you have enough saved or whether someone in your family will be able to support you, financially or physically. With an extended care investment plan, you can be sure that you won’t have to worry about outliving your partner; instead, you can plan for that possibility now so that you’re prepared for anything. Contact our St. Paul, MN financial advisors today at 612-436-3770, or email us at, and rest easy knowing that you are financially prepared for whatever your future brings.